Haribo – Super Smurfs 30 pieces


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Extra large fruit gums in shape of smurfs! These delicious blue gummi candies are formed in the shape of a Smurf with assorted caps in either red or white. Each tub contains 30 Smurfs
The kids love them; the adults love them even more! Bring a tub to work and share them with your co-workers.
Your College Students will thank you for a tub or two around exam time. Keep cool and dry; store in air tight container to maintain softness.
ALERT! Haribo Products in Tubs: These tubs are very fragile and cracking and/or damage may occur during transit even though we take extra steps to minimize damage. We also place tubs into food-safe plastic bags, just in case the gummies do break out of their tubs. Please be aware that refunds will not be issued. Our only other alternative is to discontinue offering these wonderful products. We appreciate your understanding.

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